Long overdue hair cut chat and other rambley rambles.

Heeeelllooooooooo friends!!

So, how are we all?

My 3 beauties are all back in school now after what feels like forever.  It will be interesting to see how the middle one copes without an xbox controller in his hand.  The past couple of nights I've been a little worried how they'll settle back into a MUCH stricter routine*, guess I'll be finding out soon.  They each made the bus this morning so, let's face it, my part was done :-D PARRRRTTEEEEE!

Soooo today I walked Mr Ernie and did a little talky story for insta, I've made up a couple of retirement trees (must get those listed here), made up a wedding card, worked on a poster for a new business and packaged up some gifts for my youngest nephew who turns 3 on Weds.  It's been over a year since I last saw him, and I cannot wait to try to give him a big old squeeze in the summer... everything crossed.

Is this boring info? Probably. Sorry...

Onto much more exciting chat like: I'm having my hair cut soooon!!!!! Yippee!!  Think I'm going to go short and choppy and leave this Hagrid inspired mop behind. Waa hoo, bring it on.  But, why is it that when a hair cut is coming up, suddenly my hair starts looking quite nice... does anyone else get this? Random. But no... the chop it is!!

Right, I ought to go.  Hope you're all doing well.  Spring is here thank goodness.

Lots of love B xx

*any sort of routine :-S 


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