Website Excuses and Exciting Projects!

Soooooo... this website thing-a-me-jig has taken a leeeetle longer to come to fruition than expected!!

Partly this is because I hit a mental stumbling block, making decisions about how it should work and then doubting myself... and partly because I have been busy illustrating a children's book!!!!! Eeeeek!!

Totally nothing to do with trees buut it is the true tale of Simon the Seacat, who was awarded the Dickin medal for bravery, after the naval ship he was on was attacked by the Chinese just after WW2. 

Simon not only helped keep up the sailors' moral by comforting them in the sick bay but also kept the rat population down on the ship!

All being well, it will be published in November and I cannot wait to see the finished book and show you guys too!


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